Bill of Rights
Patients Bill of Rights & Responsibilities
Bay Community Health is committed to providing quality health care. A well-informed patient that participates in treatment decisions and communicates openly with their healthcare professionals, is a patient that will ultimately benefit greatly in their continued healthcare.
You have the Right…
  • To considerate and respectful treatment from your first phone call throughout your office visit and follow-up care.
  • To know the names and professional status of the people serving you.
  • To privacy/confidentiality concerning your own health care program and medical records.
  • To participate in choosing a form of treatment.
  • To consent to or refuse any care or treatment.
  • To examine and receive an explanation of all charges
  • To receive full information and counseling or the availability of known financial resources for your health care.
  • To timely resolution of any questions, complaint or problem regarding OPC services and/or procedures.
You have the Responsibility…
  • To be honest about your medical history.
  • To follow health advice and instructions.
  • Report any significant changes in symptoms or failure to improve.
  • Maintain and have available an updated detailed medication list.
  • Provide sufficient time in making “Follow-Up” and “Annual” appointments to ensure appointment availability.
  • To keep appointments or provide 48 hours advance notice for cancellation.
  • To insure you obtain prescriptions at the time of your office visit. If a prescription refill must be called in, allow a minimum of 48 hours notice.
  • Allow 3-5 working days for specialty referrals.
  • Allow 5-7 working days for completions of forms. Forms must be completed/signed by patient; some forms will require an appointment and some forms may incur a patient fee.
  • Be knowledgeable and well-informed about your health insurance coverage, especially in regard to:
  • Prescription/Medication formularies
  • Preferred Lab Providers
  • Specialty-Care providers, policies and procedures
  • Non-Covered medical services
  • To turn-off cellular phone while in the building.
  • To be respectful of all other patients, visitors and staff.
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