How do I make an appointment?
For Medical appointments call 410-867-4700
For Behavioral Health appointments call 443-607-1432
Do you accept my insurance?
BCH accepts a wide variety of insurances, including private plans, Medicare and Medical Assistance (Maryland Medicaid). To have the most up-to-date information, contact our office prior to your appointment to confirm your specific plan.
Are masks still required at BCH?
At this time, BCH requires masks be worn in the building at all times.
Is BCH a Free Clinic?
Bay Community Health is not a free clinic, we are non-profit community health center. We offer a sliding fee scale to uninsured patients based upon family size and income. You are responsible for a portion of the cost of care. However, no patient will be denied healthcare because they are unable to pay for their portion of the cost. We also have certified staff onsite to assist with applying for insurance coverage, including Medicaid.
Do you have translators for non-English speaking patients?
Yes! We provide translation in over 40+ languages. Please make your language needs known ahead of your appointment and we will be able to accommodate you.
What other services do you offer?
We also offer care management services which include health education and access to community resources (food banks, transportation, etc.).
What is Care Management?
Care management is a team-based approach of caring for the whole patient. Our care management staff can assist with health-related needs and social needs such as: diabetic teaching, self-care tools, transportation assistance, access to food resources and more.
Can I get my lab work completed at the office?
Yes. We offer laboratory hours at our West River location for BCH patients with orders written by a BCH provider. Hours are available Monday-Friday.
How will I know my test result?
Our medical staff reviews all test results shortly after we receive them. This includes lab tests, imaging studies and consultation reports from specialists. If any of the reports have significant findings, someone from the health center will contact you. Test results are also made available on the patient portal.
What is the Patient Portal?
The portal is a tool that allows patient access to their records, contact your provider for non-urgent needs and request prescription refills. For assistance with getting portal access, contact our front desk or click the patient portal button on our website.
When am I due for my next visit?
At the end of your appointment, our medical staff will let you know when you are due for your next visit. We encourage our patients to schedule their next visit before they leave the health center.
What type(s) of behavioral health services does BCH offer?
BCH offers the following behavioral health services:
– individual, family, group and couples counseling
– psychiatric evaluations
– medication management
If I am a patient of BCH, how can I obtain assistance after hours or for emergencies?
BCH has evening hours to meet your health care needs. If you need assistance after our normal business hours of service, please call (443) 481-3053 and you will be connected with a medical professional for assistance and guidance

If you experience a life-threatening medical emergency at any time, please call 9-1-1 for emergency medical assistance.