Howard P. Cook, DO

Dr. Howard P. Cook is an Internal Medicine Physician with a Medical Degree in Osteopathic Medicine from Nova Southeastern University. He completed his residency at Frankford Hospital Jefferson Health System in Torresdale, Pennsylvania. Dr. Howard has a wealth of clinical knowledge from over 24 years of experience. Dr. Cook has worked in the areas of men’s health issues, primary care and ultimately internal medicine. During his time as a hospitalist, Dr. Cook cared for patients in hospitals in the Virginia and Washington, DC area ranging a variety of scopes including but not limited to; intensive care units, long term acute care facilities and emergency departments doing admissions, running rapid responses, and code blue. Providing medical care to underserved populations is not unfamiliar to Dr. Cook. Caring for indigent patients and those without insurances, Dr. Cook understands the importance of having access to healthcare, even when barriers make it difficult, aligning seamlessly with the mission of Bay Community Health.